Sunday, June 6, 2010

what I learnt from a breast cancer scare

It left me fragile
there is a cost to being strong

I found it hard to reach out
ask for support
I am aware, some support
is toxic
it's hard to know what or who
won't be 'helpful'
even when they don't mean it

I fond my heart
now it feels, awakened
it's looking for a mate
but not while this was going on
not until the need was unleashed

my desirability
became a question
rebalancing that
my center

I hate worrying my friends and family
I preferred keeping this to myself
but the affect of that was
painful for them

What I learnt from a breast cancer scare;
I'm not willing to give up on my dreams
it brought out the warrior in me
the fighter

What I learnt from a breast cancer scare;
I am open to love now
I am a warrior for my dreams
It is the gift
I am cancer free

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