Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Return of the Barnicle

Common name of sedentary crustacean animals constituting the subclass Cirripedia.

You are lost, in a puddle
of self sacrifice, of self sabotage,
of insecurities as large as
an asteroid crater
Your self respect lies
Like road kill, on a busy highway
How I want to shake you
Believe in you
Shine you up
like Aladdin's Lamp
Release the Ginny so that
You can manifest magic
Your eyes so warm
Your eyes so sad

You have forgotten how accept love
Even when it stares you right in the face
You have neglected yourself
and your kids suffer

Fear, I wish I could take a washcloth
Warm and wet and wipe this away with gentle strokes
It is pity, I want sexy
I want to see you in your dignity
to own it, like a fire hydrant
on a sweltering day
Quenching the parched pavement, putting out the fires
You want to to do good,
be good, be kind be a spark
I can't save you from this need
that is larger then a Christmas float in November
How can you so repel me
and reel me in like the moon's drag on earth's shore
like inhaling a cigarette
Like a vacuum cleaner hose

Can it be, you are not thinking as much as
feeling, needing, fumbling
Yet you call those thoughts
And I am affected
If only I say the right things
You will shine, you will soar
you will heal.

I am still not sure
what you want and don't want
From me, form life
And why I care so much
As if you sitting
on a park bench
Alone, in the fall
And everything around you
is grey and brown.

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