Friday, May 21, 2010

Dark Daffodils

Dark Daffodils
are shutting the door
to say goodbye
forever more
to darkness

from far away
I hear the call
you are the one
my wonder all
consuming, distracting,

I dust my shelves
my books I straighten
My clothes I fold
I am not mistaken
the place where I feel you
lies in the center of my being
by inspiration, I am caught cleaning
To call you forth
to conjure you to me
For ever more, as always

Time dilates, I radiate
I walk about, without a doubt
I'm over here, you're under there
Love is a concept, I breath and stare
at springs renewal
the birds song
of southern cold winds
your head rings
I am waiting, still waiting
For you

I cannot say goodbye
I cannot stop this
I swim in the ocean of your essence
I am helplessly lost, imagining your lips
forever more, as always

This bliss is painfully close to the matter
This call is like madness, to love, not to spatter
to trust what's in front
not plan
not falter
our guides tell us it matters
to climb the ladder
for love
cross the oceans
for love
clean the mess, do your taxes, make the bed
for love
for ever more, as always

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