Monday, March 24, 2014

What it means to Be an Entrepreneur and Creative

What it means to be an Entrepreneur and Creative

Am I an entrepreneur, because I am a creative person? 

Probably not, there are tons of creative people out there who are not trying to make a living at it. But this is for all those that are thinking about  taking that road, to be an entrepreneur as a creative! What does that mean? You will utilize your talents as an artist, photographer, graphic artist, writer, singer, actor; whatever it is you are passionate about!

I grew up in a family with a merchant mentality. Every one could sell something, a service or item that someone wanted. My humble beginnings went from being a babysitter to camp counselor, I was ‘freelancing’ child-care.

Fast forward, after many interesting and not so interesting jobs and University I realized that I wanted to be a singer/songwriter but until then, I had other skills that began to appear as better alternatives to making money so I could ditch being a waitress. While I managed my band, and wore all of those hats, I started to work on creative projects that included:  work in film, television, producing music, publicity, organizing other people’s projects.

My birth as a true entrepreneur happened when I couldn’t see myself in a 9-5. It became apparent that I didn’t aspire to a job; instead, I gravitated towards projects and opportunities that fed my soul in some way. I just wanted to work on something that I was interested in, projects that inspired me, people that were motivated, talented and where I could learn and grow.

In the mean time, because of my varied experience I began to work organically outside the creative world as a business development consultant and manager. To my surprise, businesses liked having a creative edge. It didn’t matter what industry, I would learn, I used my creative-think-outside the box vision and people and companies hired me! I never said no, and I still do not turn down interesting offers. 25 years ago I figured out if you say yes and can learn, that enthusiasm will get you jobs you never dreamed of.

I have been in a musical in LA, I have worked in International Trade, Extreme sports video distribution, written scripts for TV, done voice-overs and jingles, managed and produced festivals and large events, Editor of a news letter for independent films makers; the list goes on!

Technically I have worked for myself (including a contract with the National Film Board of Canada) since my late twenties. I have not held a full time job, since my daughter was born, and yes, I still do many things. Even if I had three hats, and it equaled a full time position somewhere, the variety suites me. Five years ago I went back to school and became a certified Coach, PPCC, because I realized I loved inspiring other people to live their lives exactly the way their hearts demanded it! I had an innate knack that I practiced with family, friends and professionally. So now there is another hat!

For those women who juggle home and aspirations as creative people, you can make those decisions that will encourage you to become expert at juggling your many demanding and rewarding roles and work for yourself on your own terms. I raised my daughter, who is now in University on all my different contracts and income streams. It was crazy at times, but I did it! I am sending a big nod to all those creative souls out there who feel like they too want to live not only an interesting, meaningful life, but one that fits them uniquely and perfectly as expressions of who they are, at maximizing their strengths and walking fearlessly towards their life as an entrepreneur!

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