Sunday, February 16, 2014

Four Letter Word

Four letter Word

is my four letter word.
Love is
my bed, my pillow, my reason, my insanity, my last chance.
Love is my
beginning and is always my last word.
Love embraces and sets
me free.
binds me to places and people and ideas.
Love is
simple, love is complex, is forgiving and expansive.
Love is illusive,
frugal and smaller than a mote and larger than the galaxy.
Love is a language,
is my language and my breath, and my last thought.
Love is
my emotion and my motion, my being, my doing.
Love is my
currency, my arms, my stomach, my smile.
Love holds hands, and grieves and celebrates and gets disappointed and ignited.
wave, a particle, a concept, an infinity,
and like air, l
Love can sustain balloons, airplanes and seagulls.
Love chooses you and ignores you.
Love misses you and prays for you and
sits in the corner,

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