Monday, June 29, 2015

Leaning Towards The Sun

Leaning Towards The Sun

Your smile warms me
Your touch feels welcome and came in greater frequency
An intimacy I ask for in my dreams

I see you dancing with another
your body moving, a little show off
You deserve my stare
You accept the dance from her and not me and I am glad
because with her it means nothing, and with me something

There goes the mind in speculation
There is only one thing to notice, the circling of the wagon without the journey

And then your ex confesses to me, she is still attracted to you
I remain silent.
I don't peep in; me too, because it is hurtful and unnecessary -
to reveal
that we have danced around each other off the dance floor

Unless I step into grace, I cannot go into impossible places
A man's love is nothing to trivialize
I found myself falling into your orbit
my body reacting as it awakened.
But it's only just started.
My heart wasn't engaged.
Little flirts like soft petals falling.

Can you step into what has started or are you a starter, blowing kisses in the wind?
The gesture floats through the air but never really lands.

There is distance between us.
Countries and obligations and years.
I let the attention be mutual, but in back of my head, there are reasons to be careful.
I would be truly surprised if you wanted to continue, because the signal was done in morse code.

I would walk toward you with tender caution, anticipation, delight.
I am the holder of impossible spaces and romantic heroes.

My body tells me the truth my mind harnesses the desire that my heart gets unleashed and wild.
You pierced me like a sciatic nerve which requires rest and patience.

There is nothing wrong with some attention,
I am a thirsty Flower, leaning towards the sun.

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